ISN – Transport Container Store

A central component of EWN’s disposal concept for dismantling the nuclear power plants in Greifswald/Lubmin and Rheinsberg is the use of the Interim Storage Facility North (ISN) for storing nuclear fuel and the interim and decay storage and processing of accumulated radioactive residual materials and waste.

Both the waste store and the transport container store are housed in ISN’s storage building. Nuclear fuel, waste containing nuclear fuel, low and medium-level contaminated residual materials and waste are stored temporarily in eight storage buildings which are connected along the front side by a loading hall.

The long-term plan is for the nuclear fuel and the waste containing nuclear fuel currently in the Interim Storage Facility North to be moved to a federal final storage facility for heat-generating radioactive waste. The remaining radioactive substances remain in the ISN until they can be moved to the KONRAD final storage facility or recycled conventionally or disposed of in landfill after processing and cleaning and subsequent official approval.