Central Active Workshop

EWN GmbH’s disposal concept is based on the direct dismantling of the six reactor units in Greifswald and Rheinsberg which were shut down in 1995. The Central Active Workshop (CAW) is a further component of this concept in addition to the Interim Storage Facility North (ISN).

Due to the dismantled low and medium-level radioactive parts being mainly processed in the CAW and the ISN instead of the reactor buildings, a high degree of flexibility in the logistics and disposal strategy is achieved in course of dismantling the nuclear power plants.

As a processing station for solid radioactive waste and residual materials, the former repair workshop for contaminated plant parts from Greifswald Nuclear Power Plant has been equipped with specific conditioning technology. Work in the CAW has been carried out in accordance with this new role since 1997.

The aim of processing the materials which come directly from dismantling the nuclear power plants or from the interim storage facilities is:

  • To achieve clearance measurement of the materials (link to release measurement project) through disassembly and decontamination (removal of radioactive contamination),
  • To pack the materials appropriately for interim storage after dismantling, 
  • To pack the accumulated waste in such a manner that it can be packed into final storage containers.

The resulting low and medium-level radioactive waste such as operating waste and waste from processing the plant components will be passed on to the KONRAD repository once this has been put into operation.

The Central Active Workshop has approval in accordance with the radiation protection ordinance for handling other radioactive substances. The approving authority is the competent regional government authority of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania.

In addition to materials from the Greifswald and Rheinsberg nuclear power plants, the CAW can also treat materials from other nuclear power plants with light-water reactors to a limited extent.

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Current Works

The erection up of a further double cabin dry blasting facility is being prepared. With this, the CAW’s decontamination throughput can be significantly extended. Following factory approval, the plan is to put the facility into operation in spring.