Obligatory Information according to the German Nuclear Law

According to Section 7c of the German Nuclear Law, our company is obligated to inform the public about the intended operation of the plants, reportable events* and accidents.

In 2017, all of our nuclear plants were operated as intended. No reportable events occurred.

In 2018, one reportable event occurred. The respective event can be classified as a deviation, i.e. a level 0 event on the International Nuclear Event Scale (INES). This means that the event had no safety significance. We provide the following document for further information about the event (available in German only):

* Reportable events: All operational events that have to be reported to the competent federal state supervisory authorities according to the Nuclear Safety Officer and Reporting Ordinance. This includes small incidents as well as severe accidents. (Source: https://www.base.bund.de/EN/ns/events/incident-registration-centre/incident-registration-centre_node.html)

On its website, the Federal Office for the Safety of Nuclear Waste Management (BASE) provides the public with information about all reportable events in Germany. Monthly and annual reports are available for download.

The BASE's website also provides information on the International Nuclear Event Scale and the reporting process in Germany.